Sugarloaf Mountain Primitives
Handmade primitive candles and stitchery

Butter Pecan


 Butter Pecan a fragrance that smells just like the name.  This is one you will purchase again and again!  Light brown color with wax pecans that look amazingly real!  Finished off with a dark drizzle.  Shown here in a 3x6, available in 2x2,4x4, 3 wick loaf and 6 wick fireplace candle.

Each scent we pour is available in:
2x2                                           $5.00
4x4                                         $12.50
3x6                                         $22.00
3 wick                                    $32.00
6 wick                                    $48.00

  Shipped UPS @ current rates


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